The Skincare Line Up

February 02, 2015

 When it comes to skincare, I don't like to experiment too much. If there is something that works well with my skin, I tend to remain loyal, otherwise I can find myself in a spotty situation (get it?!). Over the past year or so i've found a few products that I know I can reply on to keep my skin in check, and even when I do decide to go wild and experiment with other products, these seem to be the ones that I always come back to.

This is by far the best cleanser i've ever used. The peachy-pink gel removes make-up and dirt with ease and leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Since using this my skin has looked clearer and healthier than it did pre-Oskia. It really is a life changer. Full review here

For days when I have the occasional breakout, I like to treat my skin to a layer of this mask. It might be a little uncomfortable as its sets, but once rinsed off, my skin has never felt smoother. It really helps to banish dirt, tighten pores and hydrate any dry patches. Priced at a mere £8.99, you really can't go wrong if you looking to try something new. The quality is by far higher than the price tag. 

Moisturiser is something that I like to test out more than other skincare. I have dry/combination skin so I'm always searching for that perfect balance that hydrates my skin without leaving it looking greasy. This Origins Moisturiser is the one I keep coming back to. It banishes that 'tight' feeling associated with dry skin and leaves a nice base for foundation. The smell is also pretty dreamy. 

The skin around my eyes always seems dehydrated but since using a blob of this morning and night, i've seen a huge improvement. It refreshes and hydrates the delicate skin without any sign of irritation. Full review here.

A pricey yet worthwhile investment. This serum does wonders for hydrating and refining your skins texture. I use a tiny amount before moisturiser every night and it really helps to stop pesky dry patches. If i've had any blemishes, i've found this also helps to fade the scar quicker than normal. 

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  1. I'm dying to try the serum. Keep hearing rave reviews!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. So tempted by the Oskia cleanser!x

  3. Love the Oskia cleanser, I use it as my morning cleanser! :) I really like your pictures! :D

    1. It's perfect for morning cleansing. Really refreshing :)
      Thank you xx

  4. the photography on this blog is amazing

  5. The Oskia cleanser is so well loved by many bloggers! Have to give it a go!! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy


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