The 2014 Beauty Favourites

January 18, 2015

Hello 2015. 

I'm not sure how i've managed to get so far behind in blogging this year already, but at least i've managed to make an appearance whilst it's still January (right?!). I took a bit of an unplanned break from all things internet in December, but to say i've missed it is an understatement!

Many of my favourites from 2014 probably don't come as a surprise. When it comes to something I like, I tend to stick with it. Luckily for me that made choosing the products to feature in my 2014 favourites a rather easy and speedy process.

Please note that all products have been linked in the titles (notice the large amount of Space NK links!) and where possible, I have also linked blog posts where the product has been mentioned. Grab  yourself a drink, get comfy and prepare yourself for a rather long post with a heck of a lot of repetition when it comes to the words 'perfect' and 'amazing'...

So lets start with the most obvious as this stuff has featured on my blog more times that I can count. This has been my favourite foundation now for over a year and nothing has even come close. One blob of this blended into skin delivers a natural veil of long lasting coverage that perfects rather than conceals your skin. Full review here

I've had this since last Christmas and probably used it at least once every week since. The colours are beautiful and the quality of the eyeshadow is amazing. Full review here.

If you're in need of an eye primer that's seriously heavy duty, then this is your guy. My eyeshadow has a tendency to disappear, but a few dabs of this keep it in place pretty much all day. 

Charlotte Tilbury makeup was a new discovery for me in 2014, and boy do I love it. Everything from the packaging to the texture of these shadows is swoon worthy. Full review here.

Just like the eyeshadows, this eyeliner is also something pretty spectacular. It's the creamiest and most pigmented kohl i've ever tried. And in terms of longevity, this seriously has it mastered - I promise you that once dry, this will not budge. Full review here

This one is a relatively new discovery as I picked it up in Beauty Mart during a short trip to London in November. For the majority of 2014 I'd been using and loving L'Oreal's Miss Manga Mascara. As amazing as the L'Oreal offering is, the Fairydrops mascara is without a doubt the best mascara I have ever used, EVER. Long, dark and voluptuous lashes with absolutely no smudging or flaking in sight. 

I've been using this pretty much everyday since March. The shade dark brunette is the perfect match for my brows and the slightly waxy texture ensures things are kept in place. The spoolie also rocks. 

You can just see this going into the picture at the bottom right and you might be able to tell that it's pretty much all gone. I keep this in my bag for quick touch ups during the day. It eliminates shine but also adds a natural glow that leaves skin looking healthy. Full review here

From the moment these blushes were released at the beginning of the year, I fell in love. Not only are they visibly stunning but the blush itself looks flawlessly natural on the skin. The combination of three of the shades together is almost too dreamy. If you can't get your hands on the palette then I would recommend giving the individual blushes a go instead. Full review here

Another beautifully packaged blush that also delivers on formula, though what I love most about this is how well the peachy hue instantly brightens up my ghostly complexion. Full review here

The perfect, 'my lips but better shade. It's so good I can just about get away with applying this without a mirror. 

It was a tough choice between this and By Terry's Balme de Rose, but after taking into account the price differences, this was a clear winner. Nuxe's lip balm soothes and nourishes dry and chapped lips like no other. This is my second tub and I'm already a good way through. Full Review here

This makes blush application easy peasy. The quality of Bobbi Brown Brushes is also amazing - hopefully i'll be adding a few more to my collection this year. Full review here

I'm not sure how this brush has escaped being mentioned on the blog so far. It's the perfect brush for flawlessly blending foundation into the skin. It also makes the whole ordeal rather speedy too. 

After discovering this cleanser, no other cleanser has even come close. It's safe to say that after using this morning and night for several months, my skin has never looked better. Full review here

When it comes to nail polish, i'm a huge fan of pale and pastel hues. As unexciting as this muted sheer pink is, it's definitely been my most worn shade in 2014. 

After purchasing a small can at the beginning of the year, i've now become addicted to this stuff and am now quickly spritzing my way through the (rather pricey) full sized bottle. Full review here

I bought this in the sale last year and have worn it almost every day since. It's definitely worth a sniff if your into fresh and fig scented fragrances.  Full review here

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  1. Such lovely things - I think I need the hourglass blush palette! x


  2. So many pretty products! I would love to try the GA foundation and the Nars primer.
    xx Kat @ Katness

  3. Oh my, literally everything I've ever wanted in one post...haha! I'm so sad that the HG blush palette was LE - I'm really hoping they make it permanent! I've been hearing amazing things about the Fairy drops mascaras - I wish I could get my hands on one! I'm yet to swatch Patisserie as well, but the shade sounds perfect.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. The Nars Pro Primer and Hourglass brow pencil are firm fixtures in my routine, I never apply my make up without them and for someone like me who likes to change things daily, that's a strong statement!
    xxx Claire

  5. Beautiful photo! That Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette is so beautiful :) x

  6. I want to try the Luminous Silk Foundation badly x

  7. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is all that!? I've never tried anything Charlotte Tilbury but it looks like its something i need to purchase! xx

  8. such pretty products :o


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