A Few Additions

August 25, 2014

After spending an awfully long time swooning over the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow's , I finally decided it was time to become and owner of one myself. I chose the shade Misty Rock, a shimmery pink toned taupe that looks gorgeous blended over the entire lid. The creamy texture and pigmentation is spot on and it doesn't fall short on longevity either - this stuffy pretty much lasts all day without fading or creasing. I've already started eyeing up the other shades...

I was in desperate need of a new shower gel (I was still squeezing out the dregs of my Lush Snow Fairy from Christmas), and though I didn't intend to buy something quite so luxurious, after giving the L'Occitane Hule de Douche Almond shower oil a sniff, the (worryingly) small amount of self restraint that I usually hold disappeared completely. This stuff smells delicious, like almost good enough to eat delicious. I have to admit though, it is a painfully large amount of money for a shower gel, but as a treat, it's perfect. I've been using it quite sparingly and have found it best to keep it hidden as I'm sure Richard has been stealing an occasional blob...

Obviously I don't need more nail polish but who can say no?! For just £3.99 each, the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints are amazing value for money, especially since there's usually some sort of offer floating around too. I picked up the shades Huckleberry (pastel blue) and Coconut (off-white/cream).

So that rounds off a few new additions, though watch this space because unfortunately for my bank balance, but fortunately for my ramblings, I'm sure there will be more shiny new things making an appearance soon. 

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  1. I wish I could afford the eyeshadow stick! It looks so lush! :)

    Celine // http://mybloggreeneyedgirl.blogspot.be/


  2. I've heard so much about the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow, I'd love to get it one day - maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  3. If I ever had way more money than I know what to do with, is when I'd get all of By Terry stuff! :P Serious envy right now! I am sure it looks beautiful on you! Bronze Moon is something I have an eye on! :-)

    Divya | TheConscienceFund

  4. I love the shade range of the gelly hi-shines but they never dry on my nails and always end up smudging! x
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

  5. I swear, the pictures that you're taking of your products...I'm super jealous! they always look so neat and clean but never boring! I wish you'd posted this earlier when I still lived in london the eyeshadow shade looks perfect for me :( and the nail polish shades whoaaaa perfect post!!!

    Andrea xx

  6. All amazing purchases! The By Terry eyeshadow stick is so lovely, I really want to get my hands on it soon! I've heard so many great reviews x

    The Sunday Chapter

  7. The Ombre Blackstar looks amazing, I love the colour you chose! I also love the colours of the Barry M nail polishes, super cute.


  8. I love the look of Misty Rock - added to my wish list! x


  9. Love the two Barry M shades, they are gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  10. I still LOVE the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine range, I know many people seemed to have a problem with the certain colours but all of them seemed to work fine for me, glossy and lovely!! :)

    Layla xx


  11. I can't be without my Almond Shower Oil, it's amazing! My skin has never been so soft, I'm now on my second 500ml bottle :)
    xxx Claire

  12. Ohhh you had to mention Lush Snow Fairy! I managed to forget all about that beauty, my favourite scent ever and I am now very impatient for its return this winter!
    Danielle / Party Violets


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