The MAC Palette

September 22, 2014

When I first ventured into the world of MAC eyeshadow, I started off buying them in the individual pots. As cute as these are, as my collection has grown i've begun to find them a little less convenient to use compared to palettes and consequently, they've ended up being a little unloved at the back of my draws.

In an attempt to reignited my MAC eyeshadow flame, I purchased one of the 15 pan palettes and begun de-potting (well actually I left this task for Richard but I did supervise!). One casualty later (spot the cracked Satin Taupe in the top right corner), and my new palette had started to take form. I also bought two new additions, All That Glitters (actually a re-purchase as my first pot has been completely used up) and Sable. I honestly couldn't be happier with the result. Not only have I started to use my MAC eyeshadows again on more of a daily basis, but the look and feel of the palette is really quite lovely.

Since we're on the subject, I might as well divulge into a little breakdown of the shades I have so far (listed from left to right, row by row):

Phloof : A shimmery highlight shade that is perfect at brightening your eyes and making you look much more awake than you really are on Monday morning. I like to dab some onto the inner corners of my eyes but it also works well as a brow bone highlight.

All That GlittersThe eyeshadow that pretty much everyone and their dog has/loves/wants. This is my second purchase and is quite possibly the only shadow i've ever used up. It's a beautiful peach/gold toned nude shimmer that looks perfect alone or layered with other shades.

Satin TaupeA cool toned taupe with a hint of shimmer. this is one of my favourite crease shades, but also works well blended over the entire lid.

Naked LunchThis is a little paler, less pink toned All That Glitters. It's the perfect shade for the inner half of your lid.

WoodwinkedA coppery/gold with quite a metallic finish. I particularly love this in summer with bronzed skin and lashings of mascara.

MulchThe second MAC eyeshadow I ever bought (the first was All That Glitters - no surprise there), Mulch is a warm chocolate brown with gold shimmer. I usually wear this in the crease or outer corners, but it also works well as a liner.

Gleam : A shade I bought waaaay back when I thought it was still a good idea to buy makeup depending on how pretty it looked rather than how practical it would be to wear. In the pan this looks really pink but on the lid the colour doesn't really translate and it's more of a golden shimmer. It's not one I reach for on it's own but a little bit patted onto the lid over other shades adds a pretty hint of shimmer.

SableThe newest addition and one of my favourites yet. A warm brown with ever so slight purple undertones, this shade is perfect washed all over the lid.

The only problem with my new palette? That I now have an unyielding itch to fill it! Let the recommendations commence...

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  1. I love Woodwinked beacuse that's the one I have and it's sooo pretty! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Such a nice range of shades for this palette, woodwinked is my favourite!

  3. so pretty, i really need to improve my eye shadow skills! :p


  4. I have naked lunch satin taupe and cranberry, they're all so gorgeous! Really want to buy some more so very tempted by your recommendations :)

    The Makeup Directory

  5. These shades look lovely!! They would definitely be shades that I would want! x

  6. Such a gorgeous palette so far! I have some of these shades already, but the ones I don't have I'm definitely interested in. I'll have to check them out. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. Oh gosh, your palette looks amazing. I love the colour selection you have and it makes me want to go purchase all those shades!

  8. All of these shades are so nice and look pretty in a palette together!

  9. Sable is beautiful, one of my faves x

  10. I love mac eyeshadows, i really want to pick up a 15 pan palette so i can build my collection! You have some amazing shades!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Thank you. I think if you do, it will definitely be worth the investment :)

  11. lovely eyeshadows, I really want poof looks like such a beautiful colour.

  12. Love your palette. It reminds me of the Naked 3 but with my favorites (satin taupe and woodwinked)

    Maria // Fox and Arrow

  13. Damn it! Now I have more MAC eyeshadow added to my list! :(
    Beautiful pictures :)

  14. Sable is my first mac eyeshadow that I picked up a couple months ago now it is my favourite right now. It's such a great everyday all over lid color, I'm using it also in my crease with a copper shade on the lid and it's a great contrast to each other

  15. Wow your palette is beautiful! I'm thinking of including you in my favourite blogs of the month for October. I explain more about it in my 'New Post Idea' post which I'll leave linked. Let me know if you like this idea by leaving a comment! xoxo

  16. I love all your picks! I have them all except phloof. I'd definitely recommend some blending shades. Some that pair nicely with your collection is soft brown, texture, soba, and Swiss chocolate. My faves together are all that glitters and soft brown and soba and woodwinked!



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