The Naked 3 Palette

January 15, 2014

It's probably not surprising that upon hearing news of the release of the newest Naked addition, an uncontrollable desire to complete the trilogy was awoken... and here we are, Naked 3 palette in tow. (Actually, it must be noted that my desire was so strong it must have rubbed off on Richard, who marched himself down to the Urban Decay counter the day of it's release to surprise me with the final installment when I got home from work - he's a good egg!)

I have to admit that at first I was slightly skeptical to whether I would be buying virtually the same palette; after all, between the Naked 1 and 2 they've got the neutral colour spectrum covered right? Well, it appears not. Naked 3 offers a much more pink toned array of shades that are different enough from the previous two palettes without drifting too far off the neutral spectrum. As i'm a huge fan of rose gold i'm loving shades in this palette; buzz, liar, factory and mugshot in particular have been getting a lot of use lately. Limit and Nooner are also a great combination for when i'm in the mood for a matte finish.

As with all the Urban Decay palettes, the quality does not disappoint, both the packaging and eye shadow texture is pretty impressive, making the £37 price point rather respectable. So I guess the real dilemma is whether or not you need it? Well, that depends upon your definition of need...

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  1. Your photography is insanely beautiful, this palette is insanely gorgeous xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  2. I really like the look of the shades in the Naked 3 palette but I barely get any use out of my Naked palette. The problem I have is that the shades in the Naked palette barely look pigmented against my skin tone so blending and creating different looks is pretty difficult.

    Naked 3 looks like the palette of my dreams though. I might have to take a closer look before deciding.

    These photos are so pretty!

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous! I still don't own any of the nakeds, but if i had to get one now, it would be this one!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. It is literally beautiful, a work of art, can't wait to get my hands on!!

  5. Oh wow - this is SO beautiful! I so need to get my hands on this as soon as it goes back in stock xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I love how you photograph your subjects. Although the palette is lovely, I'm not sure I will be going after this one. I have my eyes set on Lorac Unzipped and Tarte beMATTEnificant palette, which I find more versatile for me.

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  7. I love the photographs on your blog, and of course the Naked 3 pallet!

    Lottie x

  8. The colors of this palette are beautiful.

    Maria x

  9. Every colour in this palette is so gorgeous, I need to pick it up on Payday.


  10. Great photos! I think I'm going to end up caving and buying this palette soon, rose gold is my favourite xx

    Amy |

  11. This looks beautiful :) I really want to try and purchase it xx

  12. Your photography is amazing, I love these pictures! :) xx

  13. Loved this review! ;)
    I have a question though, which one do you think is better (has nicer colours etc.) Naked 3 or Naked 2??

    blog ♥♥♥

    1. Ooo that's a toughie but probably the Naked 3 as I love the warmer rose undertones :)

  14. I'm sure at some point I will relent and buy this palette, it's bound to happen haha :)

  15. Hey! I love this post it's so inspirational ! i'm just starting out blogging and would love for you to take a look!
    Much Love
    Fiona xo

  16. I am in love with this palette but it's sold out everywhere! Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on it soon x

  17. I've been loving this palette, it is very wearable even though it is pink-toned !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World | Check out my MAC lipstick giveaway

  18. lovely post..i definitely need to buy this!

  19. I definitely don’t need it, but I want it a lot.

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

  20. I don't know what to think about this palette, I know I definitely don't need it but I want it so badly haha your amazing photography doesn't make my decision easy :P

  21. I think I'm the only one not desperate for this! I have number 2 and I would rather get 1 over 3! Might be persuaded though! x

  22. I want this palette soooo badly, and your photography is amazing!

  23. I love these colours but when swatted I think some of them are very similar :/

  24. I really need this in my life!


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