♡ A Day In Palma

October 07, 2013

At the beginning of September I went on holiday for 10 days to Mallorca with Rich (If you read my blog quite regularly, it's probably safe to say that your aware of this as i'm pretty sure I've mentioned it a few hundred times!) Whilst we spent most days at the beach, floating on lilos and indulging in ice-cream, we did make the effort to visit the capital, and despite the heat and two hours (each way!) bus journey, it was definitely worth it.

Palma is such a beautiful city - we had a lovely time visiting the cathedral and wandering through all the quirky little streets. Some of the buildings are stunning and there's plenty of shops and little cafes around to keeps you occupied for hours! I was a little bit too excited to discover that they had a McDonald's Cafe which resembled a Starbucks/Costa (which surprisingly they don't appear to have in Mallorca) and served the most amazing macaroons...I ended up going back for more!!

If your ever in Mallorca, I would definitely recommend a visit.

Have you ever been to Palma?

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  1. Hey lovely, just came across your blog and it's great!

    Now following you and looking forward to your next post - I've never been but Palma looks amazing!

    Please check out my blog if you can:


    Thank you :) xoxoxo

  2. Never been but it looks like such a beautiful place!!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful!! Looks like you had a good time!! I would definitely visit if it wasn't so darn expensive from Canada!


  4. this place looks absolutely gorgeous, I'd love to visit! your pictures are so pretty!


  5. Looks soooooo great! Nice pictures!
    x Hannah

  6. Beautiful photos, looks like you had a fab time :o). Xx


  7. Great photos, looks like a wonderful place to visit. X

  8. palma is literally one of the most beautiful places i have ever been.
    the warm weather is enough for me!

    love the style to your images/photography.

    i've just joined your blog on GFC :)



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