Chanel Emerveille Eyeshadow

October 25, 2012

On the way back from my holiday a few weeks ago (though it feels more like months), i treated myself to Chanel illusion d'ombre in emerveille, and i'm so glad i did. Though it comes with a high price tag (£23), it does not disappoint. 

The texture of the eye shadow is something i haven't come across before. Despite appearing quite similar to a cream eye shadow, it's actually much more 'fluffy' and almost bouncy. The results however, are wonderful. It's long wearing and nicely pigmented with buildable coverage. It's also easy to blend and hardly creases throughout the day, even without a primer. 

Despite appearing rather 'orange' in the pot, when applied Emerveille is a stunning nude champagne colour with a hint of peach. There is also some very subtle and fine glitter that can be seen in bright light or sunshine (the camera definitely does not do it justice!).
 I've found it an extremely versatile shade that can be used all over the lid for a natural but polished look, as a base for other eye shadows, or as a inner corner highlight.
The brush included is also a nice touch and very handbag friendly for 'on-the-go' touch-ups. However, i do find that in the morning i prefer to use my fingers to apply the shadow as it gives the most even and natural finish.

Overall, Emerveille is the perfect 'all over the lid' shade which i have used every single day since i brought it home. For the time being it has replaced every other eye shadow i own, mainly because it's quick and easy to use, and most importantly, absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Great post !

    Wow it looks great really good review :)

    Have a great weekend :)



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  3. Love the colour of this will look perfect for a x mas party!!

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  4. this colour is gorgous! Definitely soumething i would wear everyday xx


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